This city in south-west Sweden, with its timber-framed architecture, docks, and schools, combines elements of 17th-century Danish tradition with the feel of a modern city. This destination, Sweden’s summer capital, is a haven for travellers taking a break from the sand but still enjoying a mild climate.


This island territory, far from the glitz and glitter, boasts sandy beaches, lush green valleys, and iron-age villages reminiscent of the ‘Vikings.’ Given the rustic surroundings, the time seems to have slowed on this island. But, beginning with the serene beaches, rusted windmills, and nightclubs, the place has plenty for everyone to spice up the night.


Lapland, Finland, is the epitome of a picturesque and dreamy winter wonderland. Although the location offers a stunning 24-hour daylight transition in the summer and dark winter days, it is also a skier’s paradise. The Finnish Lapland, where you can ride a husky and find Santa, lets any wish come true.